Hong Kong Human Resources Ltd. provides various kinds of occupational training for a wide range of factories and industries. For instance, construction industry, security services, electrical engineering industry and safety trainings for various trades and occupations. We have six training centers in Kowloon and the New Territories and more than 20,000 square feet of practical training space. We are a pioneer in the creation and the provision of comprehensive and quality occupational training service and our courses are updated on a regular basis to meet the most recent training needs in practice.
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Besides occupational training, HKHR provides various other services. Company provide bridge for employment seeking students and employee seeking employers.

Till now hundreds of students have enrolled to participate in this program, which is equally beneficial for employment seeking students and employee seeking employers.
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--------- Provides a series of security adviser to serve, moreover is equipped with each kind of support service, provides the location and the safe equipment for the customer.
-------- Provides a propaganda platform for various companies, welcome to send a telegram the inquiry.
-------- Various types urgent service, as soon as calls namely.

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